Case Study 8


We would like to recommend Stevens Brickworks for any proposed building works that you may wish to undertake.


Stevens Brickworks completed a major renovation of our property, which involved the near demolition of an existing semi-detached house and the creation of a large three storey conversion, which increased the size of the dwelling, to more than double its original size.


The experience of using Stevens Brickworks has been a positive one from start to finish.  When you undertake a major renovation, you are nervous that you are engaging a builder with a vision aligned to your own.  Taking a set of plans and turning them exactly into your vision is a skill, that Stevens Brickworks has perfected.  They surpassed our expectations.


Describing our experience of Stevens Brickworks will hopefully demonstrate to you that choosing them is the right thing to do if indeed you are in any doubt.


Our experience of Stevens Brickworks commenced shortly after the approval of our second set of plans: the first was rejected as being out of keeping with the area.  Steve Ashton from Stevens Brickworks got in touch, before delegated planning approval went through as he monitors planning applications on-line, looking for the right job, not just any job.  He called round to see us and kept in touch whilst we compared and contrasted the several quotations we received for the work.  Steven’s Brickworks was the only contractor who took the time and trouble to progress chase us for a decision.  Others submitted a quotation, and then left it to chance, and we then never heard from them again.  This was when we first recognised Stevens Brickworks, was committed to getting our job.


Their quote was the lowest quote we received and you hear professionals say don’t take the cheapest.  We chose the cheapest, not because it was the cheapest, but because of the commitment that we saw right from the first contact we had with Steven’s Brickworks. 


As soon as we had decided that we wanted to engage Stevens Brickworks, they went into organisational mode.  What impressed us in the early stages was they gave us a start date, and managed to get on site earlier than anticipated, as they completed another job ahead of schedule.  They came on site around September 2008, not the ideal date for starting a job, as the weather began to turn. 


We made a decision early on, to move out of our property as the original house needed to be converted from a two storey, to a three storey dwelling,

which involved the second storey ceiling being removed, lowered and new joists being installed to allow for sufficient head room on the third storey. 



The footings progressed at a pace, and what impressed us was that the whole team was on site by 7.30 am to 8.00 am at the latest and they stayed on site all day, every day from start through to finish.  As my husband and I both work, Steve came to see us in the evenings, rang us at lunchtimes and over weekends, to keep us appraised of progress and he got us to make choices to enable him to plan and order materials/equipment ahead of time.


Undertaking a large renovation is daunting, especially if you have a self build mortgage as we did, as you have to satisfy not only building regulations and planning regulations, but also additional funding hoops, something which we had no experience of.  Steven’s brickworks were patient with our payment instalments as we progressed as money from our mortgage was released at stages as the build progressed.


The work progressed steadily and methodically to plan.  We were engaged and consulted at all stages of the build.  It can be quite demanding having to choose where every light fitting, socket and other fittings are located to suit your future needs.  Steven’s Brickworks never once lost patience with us, even though at times we wanted to take our time to avoid making the wrong choices.  They put just the right pressure on us to encourage and get us to make choices as and when needed.  It’s an art being that patient with a customer!


Stevens’ Brickworks comprises two Steves – one who oversees and executes most of the build and the other builds and acts as Project Manager.  Between them they have all the expertise and contacts needed to complete every aspect of a build, from plumbing, heating, electrics, painting, tiling, to kitchen and bathroom supply and fitting.


Stevens Brickworks completed the whole build well ahead of schedule and we moved back less than 6 months from when the work commenced.  Steve Ashton then stayed on site and oversaw the installation of carpets, wooden floors, fitted wardrobes and helped us source a supplier of gates, railings and exterior moulded concrete to finish the whole project off, which was above and beyond what you expect of a builder.


As with any build, minor snags have to be rectified, and Steven’s Brickworks have been back on site and sorted out the snags with the build. 


We are happy to recommend Steven Brickworks for any size of project.  Builders can be a nightmare, and do at times have bad reputations.  Our experience of Stevens Brickworks is an extremely positive one.  They exceeded our expectations in terms of build finish, they completed the task ahead of schedule and the whole experience, whilst stressful at times, was a real positive one from start to finish.


If you are embarking on a building project, think carefully about whom you engage.  It’s stressful, but can be fun and rewarding if you make the right choice of builder.  We did and would recommend that you do too.




Samantha Parker